World Cleanup Day 2018 is almost here – Get Involved!

Estonian-founded global clean-up initiative, Let’s Do It! World, aims to bring together 150 countries from all over the world this September for the greatest mass civic action the world has ever seen.

9 Feb 2018 -

An extensive network of NGOs, civic groups and institutions have now joined together to organise the world’s biggest clean-up action – called World Cleanup Day – uniting up to 150 countries on 15 September 2018.

ISWA is very proud to be one of the key partners of this incredible initiative and we were invited to take part in a series of workshops in Tallinn, Estonia in January alongside their annual conference.


See It!

This is about raising awareness and putting an end to trash blindness. ISWA was particularly active in the discussions of awareness raising, offering to leverage its global network to support world clean-up day in establishing national groups in its key target areas. ISWA will be engaging with its national members over coming months to ensure that as many of our partners an network get involved.


There was also an exciting PR workshop the following day which asked “What’s your story?” They emphasised the importance of stories and people in the room from all around the world, shared their personal. The role of different communications channels in both print and digitally, and especially social media were discussed. There was also a focus on how to reach decision makers and people at a higher level - proved possible with the presence of the President of Estonia herself, (Kersti Kaljulaid, pictured above) - a huge backer of the campaign.


Map It!

Let’s do it have been developing an app to map the world’s waste. You can support this by downloading the app and photographing and mapping areas around the world that are overwhelmed by illegal garbage. Find out more here.


Bag It!

These are the partners and citizens who will come together to do the actual clean-up. On September 15, 2018, World Cleanup Day, people in 150 countries will stand up against the global trash problem and clean up waste together in a united civic action against waste.


This is not just one-day of cleaning, but about raising awareness on illegal littering and dumping. That’s why Let’s do It are recruiting international partners such as ISWA – to ensure that this campaign becomes a long-term success.


ISWA is very excited about this global campaign and we encourage you ALL to get behind it, get out and help end trash blindness and clean the world in a day. Let’s Do It!

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