AMCS Benchmark Survey for the Waste and Recycling Industry Underway.

Last year ISWA conducted the world’s first global survey into the future of waste management, reaching out to over 1,000 of the industry’s leading CEOs, scientists, professionals and decision makers.

20 Jul 2018 -

The survey considered the future of waste in an effort to understand how the industry is preparing for the inexorable technological advancements that surround us, better known as the fourth industrial revolution. This led to ISWA’s report, launched in Baltimore, which made clear that the waste industry will be affected, in one or another way by technology.


ISWA’s survey emphasized that the 4th Industrial Revolution will deliver solutions to several challenges related to waste management, from eco-design to waste prevention and circular economy around the world and the industry must respond to this and embrace it in an integrated and comprehensive manner, involving all stakeholders of the global polity.


ISWA’s survey garnered significant industry-wide interest and sparked a global conversation on how waste and resource management will utilize technology.


ISWA is delighted to announce a new partnership Silver Member, AMCS, the world’s leading supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology for the resource management, waste collection and recycling industry, who are conducting a global benchmark survey which complements ISWA’s previous work. The survey’s goal is to better understand how digital innovation is affecting companies within the waste, recycling and material trading industry and are looking for industry leaders to participate.


The AMCS 'Digital Innovation in the Waste and Recycling Industry Benchmark' investigates how successful organizations in the waste industry use technology to radically improve the performance of their operations and how they adapt to a changing playing field. The survey will emphasize which technologies add value and where there is room for significant improvement.


The benchmark survey asks industry leaders thought-provoking questions, such as: 

  • What priorities are on the strategic agenda of municipalities and haulers?
  • What are the main challenges respondents are facing to digitally transform their hauling and processing operations?
  • How do respondents currently rate their performance with regard to digitally transforming hauling and processing operations?

Mark Abbas, CMO of AMCS who worked to develop the 2018 survey, reflected, “We encourage everyone committed to innovation in the waste and recycling industry to participate, to quantify the priorities and challenges that face the industry. The results of this survey will paint a picture of the industry, with the type of strong, factual data that is the foundation for the advancement of the waste and recycling industry worldwide.”


This unique survey will gather expertise from industry participants and benchmark waste and recycling companies against their competitors. Responses to the poll will be included in a full benchmark report published by AMCS in Q4 of 2018. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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