Romanian Waste Management Association (ARMD) Launches a New Cooperation with Ukraine Supported by ISWA RDN SEMEM

Recently the Romanian Waste Management Association (ARMD), ISWA National Member, started a new cooperation programme with Ukraine with technical support of ISWA RDN SEMEM.

23 Jul 2018 -

The National Strategy for Waste Management of Ukraine has been approved in 2017 with a very ambitious programme for the period of 2018-2030, which included the organization of separate waste collection in 5000 settlements, the construction of 240 waste reception centers, the construction of 735 waste recycling facilities, the construction of 50 modern municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills, as well as closing and reclamation of existing 5700 MSW landfills. By 2030, the level of MSW recycling is planned to increase from 3.04% (2017) to 20% of the total volume, the percentage of waste sent for disposal to landfills is predicted to decrease to 35% (the 2017 figures indicate that 50% of overall municipal solid waste was sent to landfills) and the percentage of incinerated waste is expected to grow to 10%, showing a vast increase from 2017 (2.37%).


The co-operation programme started on the 20th July in Bucharest, Romania and was opened with a half-day workshop organized by ARMD/ISWA for 22 experts from Kiev Municipality representing public utility service for municipal waste management. After the presentations on current situation of MSW management in Eastern Europe delivered by Mr. Alexei Atudorei, ISWA Board member, the status of MSW management in Romania by Mr. Dumitru Mihalache, President of ARMD, and the importance of professional associations participating in the implementation process of sustainable MSW management discussed by Mr. Viorel Marcu, Director of ARMD, the workshop continued with questions from the members of Ukrainian delegation exploring the legal, technical, environmental and social issues for the implementation of sustainable MSW management in Ukraine.


The workshop facilitated an attractive knowledge sharing opportunity regarding the process of transitioning sanitation to a sustainable management between the representatives from Ukraine and the Eastern European countries, which are part of the global ISWA network. Such co-operation makes it possible for countries with more advanced MSW systems to share lessons and important learnings with municipalities in countries such as Ukraine to tackle the potential obstacles and key aspects of improving municipal solid waste management.  


The conclusions of the fruitful discussions about the current issues present in Ukraine as well as roadblocks to implementation and operation of integrated MSW management were that Ukraine is open to any future collaborations and will benefit from the access to ISWA’s assistance and support network.


Next meeting is planned to take place in Kiev during Waste Management 2018 Exhibition, on 2-3 October (

To find out more, visit or contact Mr. Alexei Atudorei at alexei.atudorei[at]

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