SiSWA International Workshop on Municipal Waste Management Takes Place in Ljubljana

On 29-31 May, ISWA’s National Member in Slovenia, SiSWA, hosted a 3-day international workshop in the capital, Ljubljana, bringing together industry experts from across Europe and the Middle East to discuss waste management trends in the region.

27 Jun 2018 -

On the first day, a special workshop was organised by ISWA’s Working Group on Legal Issues with a focus on Extended Producer Responsibility and the Informal Sector was introduced by Working Group Chair, Joachim Quoden. One particular highlight was a discussion on effects of the new European waste legislation on national waste management systems with a focus on competing Packaging Recovery Systems with invited speakers from across Europe. Austria’s case is especially interesting as the first European country to open up the EPR market. Speakers from one of the two competing schemes in Austria, plus a representative from the Austrian regulation body made for an engaging discussion. The second part of the workshop focussed on the informal sector with some interesting case studies from Romania, Serbia and Turkey, looking at the various solutions and lessons learned. Building-up and maintaining an efficient collection and recycling system is an important topic in this region, due to the large-scale informal collection that exists. This will continue to be a topic for the working group, who will discuss it further at the 2018 ISWA World Congress in Kuala Lumpur.


Following this was a full-day conference with international speakers opened by ISWA’s National Member Representative from Slovenia, Mr. Jernej Kosmac. The various speakers, including ISWA Board Member, Alexei Atudorei, looked at issues and trends of municipal waste management in Southeast Europe, the Middle East Mediterranean Zone. Implementation case studies on bio-waste, dense city collection systems, closing dumpsites and energy recovery were all considered with a regional focus.

The conference concluded with a site visit of the nearby waste facilities which included a sanitary landfill, a bio-waste site and a separation plant (pictured).


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