First edition of the ISWA Media Award goes to Brazil

20 Jul 2012 -

The objective of the ISWA Media Award is to raise social awareness about the necessity of adequate waste management and to stimulate journalists to cover important questions relating to waste generation, collection, transport, treatment and towards sustainable development in a low carbon economy. The award recognizes and rewards professional journalists who have made a significant contribution to the global public's greater awareness and to the understanding of waste management issues in a positive manner.


Each year the award will be dedicated to a general theme to orientate authors. As ISWA considers sustainability not to be a trend, but a reality for both organisations and for individuals, “Beyond Sustainability: new practices for solid waste management” was the theme for this first edition of the ISWA Media Award.


All in all there were 23 submissions for the ISWA Media Award 2012. After a pre-selection made by the nominating National Members of ISWA a shortlist of 6 articles has been forwarded to an international jury whose members ranked the entries as follows:


1.       Rogerio Santos Daflon Gomes and Emanuel Alencar, Brazil (195 points)

2.       Fabricio Marques, Brazil (178 points)

3.       Luis Vanderlei Vieira da Silva, Brazil (164 points)

4.       Wang Qing, China (159 points)

5.       Liu Zhe, China (134 points)

6.       Lara Reale, Italy (129 points)


The Prize will be awarded to the winners at the ISWA World Congress in Florence, Italy.


Commendation for the 3 top-ranked submissions by Jeff Cooper, ISWA President and Member of the Panel


The ISWA Media Award is sponsored by ECOMONDO

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