ISWA Video Awards 2018: The Winners

This year, ISWA received 32 video nominations from around the world, all competing for the 2018 ISWA Video Award.


The judges had a difficult choice to make, but ultimately, decided on the following winners.

14 Sep 2018 -

First place and winner of the ISWA Video Award 2018:

Where does your waste go?”, by Christian Abaygar, Philippines


Single use plastics are causing serious damage to the environment. In his video, Christian tries to explain where the common types of wastes end up and their effect in the environment.


You can view the winning video here.


Second place:

Your action runs through the world”, by Jessica Moreira, Portugal

Third Place

Wake Up to Continue”, by Nick Rigas, Greece

The Prize for the Winner is 1,500 Euros, for the second place 750 Euros.


Congratulatons to the winners, who's videos will be screened at

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