Tamiz Shahar JSC

Tamiz Shahar JSC, Azerbaijan


"Tamiz Shahar” JSC is a state organization providing waste disposal services in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan.


The Company has delivered a number of important projects such as Waste-to-Energy Plant, Material Recovery Facility and is also carrying out very active promotion campaigns in order to increase public awareness on waste problem and to stimulate people to protect environment through proper waste treatment. Currently another significant project – establishment of Balakhani Recycling Park, realization of which will contribute to rapid development of green business and recycling in the country is being carried out by the Company.


The objective of “Tamiz Shahar” JSC is to establish up-to-date and sustainable waste management system in Baku and bring the latest novelties in waste management sphere to the country through sharing experience with foreign countries and international companies.


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Tamiz Shahar JSC

Khojaly ave. 55, business centre AGA

AZ 1025 BAKU


Phone: +994 12 464 41 10 (or 11)

Fax: +994 12 464 41 12

E-mail: info(at)