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ISWA ISWA Global News Issue 27, February 2014
ISWA Global News
ISWA President David Newman

News from the President

Dear Friends, Colleagues and ISWA Members

Why do the EPR letters keep me awake at night?

The debate rages in many countries around the world on how or if even to apply the Producer Pays Principle to several waste streams... read more

  Alfons Walde, Aufstieg der Schifahrer (ascent of the skiers)

ISWA approved as an accredited observer of the Green Climate Fund

ISWA has been recently approved as an accredited observer organisation of the Green Climate Fund allowing ISWA to attend upcoming meetings and keep abreast of the activities of the GCF Board... read more


ISWA joins CCAC scoping mission in Addis Ababa

ISWA's technical project manager, Jiao Tang, joined a scoping mission in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) under the City Assessment & Action Plan pillar of the Waste Initiative of the CCAC... read more

  Waste Management & Research

Waste Management & Research gets a new look

The new year brings a new look to the cover design of ISWA's scientific journal, Waste Management & Research.

ISWA and the WM&R Editorial Team hope that you enjoy the fresh new appearance of the journal. Not only does the journal get a new look but also hard work continues in the background to improve the quality and readership of the articles published in the journal... read more

  Waste Management & Research

ISWA Rubbish RoundUp members edition

The ISWA Rubbish RoundUp members edition is a new complementary information service for ISWA members produced in association with AcuComm Waste Futures...

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Video ISWA World Congress 2013 – New subtitled version

The new version of the video is subtitled, as the statements of the participants are partly in German... read more

  ISWA Training Resource Pack

ISWA World Congress 2014: Call for Abstracts

The ISWA 2014 Solid Waste World Congress will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8-11 September 2014 and will present the most recent and relevant studies relating to the waste management sector during its three full days programme... read more

  ISWA Project Grant

ISWA Project Grant

The new round of projects to be funded under the ISWA Project Grant has been selected. Congratulations to all of the successful applicants!

It has been a tough job for the evaluation committee to make the selection with a large number of very good applications. This year the project funds go to...

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Handshake on Waste and PPP

ISWA members and officials Jeff Cooper, Carlos Silva Filho, Antonis Mavropoulos and Atilio Savino were invited to contribute articles to “handshake”, IFC’s (International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group) journal on public private partnership (PPP)...

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Once again ISWA has partnered up with IFAT, the world’s leading waste management exhibition. This year with the theme:

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ISWA Hungary: Organisational Changes

The leadership of ISWA Hungary held a renewal in its general meeting and decided to appoint Mr. Tamás Szepessy, Deputy Director for Strategic and Business Development (FKF Zrt.), as the new President of the ISWA Hungary... read more


New staff member at the General Secretariat

The ISWA General Secretariat is pleased to introduce a new staff member who joined the team in February.

Daniel Purchase, our new Office Manager and Project Assistant, will offer administrative and project support to the General Secretariat...

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  ISWA Sponsorships

ISWA welcomes two new website sponsors!

ISWA is happy to welcome and present two new website sponsors!

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  New ISWA Gold Members

ISWA welcomes 2 new Gold Members!

ISWA is happy to welcome and present two new Gold Members! read more


Profile: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Siechau (Germany)

As President of VKS he tried to change the culture into a more public serving altitude with new structures in the waste management and it’s association's work. He achieved a change in the publics’ perception towards the waste industry with more respect for public companies. He designed the “Citizen Value”, the idea of waste management for the common welfare, the service for the public, as opposite pole to “Shareholders Value”...

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ISWA 3 Months Free Trial Membership

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  Image News 2

Resource Revolution launches circular economy blueprint for action

The practical guide Making circular relevant: a business blueprint, published in association with sponsor FCC Environment and sister title Local Authority Waste & Recycling magazine, outlines step-by-step how any organisation, regardless of size or business activity, can start incorporating closed loop thinking... read more


EU: A Call for Bioenergy Demonstration Proposals

A consortium of European funding agencies (likely to include the UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland) are planning to launch a joint call for Bioenergy Demonstrator projects... read more


AFRICA: Waste-to-energy gaining traction in Africa

Biomass power plant firm DP CleanTech has secured a partnership with Cambridge Industries that will enable a series of biomass plants to be built throughout the continent... read more


GREECE: Waste mounds of filth on an island paradise

A putrid mix of stale waste and methane engulfing the air - that is the stench that hits you as you approach the Fyli landfill just outside Athens... read more


INDIA: Put a plastic bag in your tank

Researchers in India have developed a relatively low-temperature process to convert certain kinds of plastic waste into liquid fuel as a way to re-use discarded plastic bags and other products... read more

  Nigeria Clean it up

NIGERIA: Clean it up

The roughly 170 million Nigerians, who inhabit Africa’s most populous country, are producing far more waste than their creaking infrastructure can manage. Aminu Omar is one of thousands of unofficial waste-pickers who see this as an opportunity to make some cash...

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UK: Retailers launch campaign to keep old clothes out of landfill

Britons are being urged to extend the life of their clothing to avoid 350,000 tonnes of garments worth an estimated £140m ending up in landfill... read more


UK: Recycling reward schemes ‘not a quick fix’

Reward and recognition schemes to encourage recycling and waste reduction ‘cannot be seen as a quick fix’, according to a report commissioned by Defra...

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UK: Bioenergy hub created at Cranfield

As part of a regional drive to encourage the growth of businesses involved in renewable energy in the East of England, Cranfield University has developed a bioenergy knowledge and networking hub...

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  E-Waste USA

US: Developing world overtakes the U.S. in e-waste

Now that the holidays are over and so many gadgets have been replaced with the newest versions of TVs, cell phones and tablets, a story on e-waste in the U.S. was inevitable...

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2nd Africa Sustainable Waste Management Conference

Angola, 22-24 Apr 2014


Germany, 5-9 May 2014

ISWA Study Tour Waste-to-Energy

Austria, Czech Republic, 22-27 June 2014

ISWA World Congress 2014

Brazil, 8-11 Sept 2014

ISWA Study Tour Collection, Sorting & Recycling

Austria, 22-26 Sept 2014


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