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On 19th September 2015 Organizing Committee has announced Call for Abstracts for ISWA World Congress 2016. At the same time Call for submission of papers for Special issue of WM&R for ISWA World Congress 2016 was announced as well.

The deadline for submission of abstracts and full papers for WM&R Special Issue is 15th January 2016.

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Words of Welcome by David Newman, president of ISWA

How will Southeast Europe reach the standards and goals of waste management set out in the EU directive? We know that countries such as Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, etc. took over 30 years to reach high levels of waste management that they currently have. Can Southeast Europe reduce this deadline to a decade? How and at what cost? How will this be financed? Which technologies will be used? What type of laws and regulations are needed to achieve that? How will authorities communicate to citizens the choices before them? What kind of lessons can be learned from the successful and failed attempts of other countries? Which sciences and studies can be applied in the region?

These are the topics, challenges and debates I expect on ISWA World Congress in Novi Sad in 2016. This congress will help us find a way toward that. I immensely look forward to it and I expect you there.


What to expect


Good governance – Good Legislation – the key to improving waste management

Join us when exploring the following challenges: How is a good legislation for waste management designed? - Starting from the involvement of all stakeholders when the ministry is drafting the proposal. How is this legislation implemented and enforced? How can shortfalls and loopholes be solved? - Again involving all affected stakeholders.

This session is curated by Joachim Quoden, Chair of ISWA Working Group on Governance & Legal Issues and Managing Director of EXPRA.


Remediation strategies for closed landfills

Landfills are among all buildings those with the longest life time. Due to their contents of various materials and substances they may pose an environmental hazard for many decades to centuries. Today, old landfills without appropriate technical barriers are subject to remediation to mitigate negative environmental impacts. In contrast, future remediation and stabilization measures will increasingly address well-designed landfills aiming at the reduction post-closure care costs and durations.

In this session innovative strategies for the remediation of closed landfills and dump sites are presented and discussed. A special focus will be on appropriate technologies given the conditions in Central Eastern European countries.

This session is curated by Johann Fellner, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Water Quality, Resource and Waste Management of the University of Technology Vienna


New member in our team


Greentech Ltd.

Greentech Ltd. Novi Sad, established in 2005, is Serbian post-consumer PET packaging recycling leader. Greentech collecting network comprises of over 100 public and private companies covering 80% of the Serbian territory. Greentech Ltd. Novi Sad is a member of Green Group, a South-Eastern Europe recycling leader, with factories in Romania, Serbia and Macedonia, and branch offices in Greece and Germany.

Waste recycling represents the preservation solution for the ever-declining natural resources. Environmental pollution, with post-consumer plastics being one of its larger contributors, goes hand in hand with depletion of raw material resources. Committing to post-consumer PET packaging recycling establishes our goal at being firm contributor to a cleaner environment and at the same time developing a profitable business.

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