ISWA Awards

Communication Award

This award has been designed to recognise excellent Waste Communication Campaigns that increase public awareness and promote sustainable waste and resource management. 


The awarded campaign is recognised at the ISWA World Congress. The award is open for participation for both ISWA members and non-ISWA members.  

ISWA Communication Award 2019 is Accepting Submissions!



Nominations can be made by any organisation for a waste communication campaign by 30 April 2019. Submissions received after that date will not be entered into the contest.

  1. Submissions should be uploaded via the online submission tool 
  2. A submission is considered complete if all fields in the online submission form are filled in
  3. Submission have to be in English. The campaign itself doesn't have to be in English but has to have an accompanying English text to explain the initiative
  4. Some .PDF or/and multimedia examples of the nominated campaign’s communication material (max. 5 files with max. 10 MB each) should be added to the submission form

If you have troubles using the online submission form, please e-mail Daniel Purchase at dpurchase[at]


  1. Each organisation can only nominate one campaign
  2. Members of the Jury cannot submit nominations to the Communication Award
  3. Each campaign can only be nominated once

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Quality of Communication plan
  2. Best correspondence between the waste campaign objectives and the communication plan
  3. Best integration between actions and tools of the communication campaign
  4. Best integration between external and internal communication
  5. Quality of the evaluation and the communication of the evaluation


  1. Free entry to the ISWA World Congress and social events 
  2. A one-year free ISWA individual membership
  3. The right to use a special ISWA commemorative logo
  4. The possibility to present the awarded campaign at the ISWA World Congress

Please note that ISWA publishes the name and surname of the author(s), as well as as the details of the winning entry and photos from the official Award Gala on this page. If you do not want to have your details included on this website, please email ISWA General Secretariat at iswa[at]


Please use the online submission tool to enter the iswa communication award 2019 contest.

ISWA Communication Award 2018

This year, ISWA received 25 quality communication campaigns from around the world, all competing for the 2018 ISWA Communications Award. Following several rounds of deliberation, ISWA is delighted to announce that the winning campaign came from our National Member in Sweden, Avfall Sverige.

The campaign, “Become a Miljönär” was designed with the long-term goal to change habits, and encourage waste minimisation through sustainable consumption. The campaign delivered a series of advertisements, posters, and various materials aimed at young adults (18-30) in order to raise awareness of the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

The key message of the campaign was “become a miljönär” (a combination of millionaire and environment) with the implication that such a sustainable lifestyle is good for your wallet AND the environment. The campaign’s sleek posters, designed to appear like normal fashion advertisements, show that it is neither expensive nor boring to prevent waste, doing so with concrete examples. The panel were hugely impressed by the creativity, and the effectiveness of the message.

The advertisements can be seen to the left (click on the images to enlarge). You can find out more about this excellent campaign on the website https://miljönä (Swedish only).


Second place was awarded to ISWA Silver Member, SORPA, Iceland, for a follow-up on their excellent Sopranos-themed campaign, which you can find more about in English here.

Third place went to ISWA’s National Member in New Zealand, WasteMinz, for their outstanding “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign, more information can be found here.

The prizes will be officially handed out at the Gala Dinner during the ISWA World Congress 2018

Congratulations to the three winners, and our gratitude to all the 25 ISWA Members who submitted excellent nominations, making this one of the most highly competitive Communications Awards for some time.

ISWA Communication Award 2017

The innovative waste bins designed by 2017 winner, Hubbub, to encourage consumers to recycle their coffee cups

The jury found that overall the communications campaign "#1MoreShot" run by Hubbub from the UK was the best of the 10 nominations put forward for the ISWA Communications Award in 2017. 


The #1MoreShot Campaign brought together a wide range of stakeholders to create an innovative, sustainable and scalable solution to the issue of the recyclability of single-use coffee cups, which are currently not recyclable within general recycling streams. By working with a coalition of partners, including the UK's leading coffee retailers, Hubbub delivered an innovative public engagement campaign, raised the profile of coffee cup recycling, laid the foundation for further collaboration on this issue, and pulled 20,000 coffee cups from Manchester city centre into a new waste stream for recycling. The #1MoreShot campaign has evolved from its trial phase to become sustainable infrastructure in Manchester, and has provided valuable insights to a roll out in the City of London that aims to collect ½ million cups in one month. Check out more of Hubbub's Green campaigns and initiatives here.


The jury deemed this campaign the best project because of its strengths on all fundamental elements that make communication and social marketing plans effective. The judging panel was particularly impressed by the quality of planning, in which a clear strategy with detailed and measurable goals was outlined.

Second and Third Places go to: 

“En Antofagasta – cada cosa tiene su lugar!“, by Reclay Group, Germany made the second place, and the UK provided our third winner with Warwickshire County Council’s ambitious initiative “Grey to Green Food Waste Recycling”.


Congratulations to the winners and runners up!


The Judging Panel:


A big thank you for their efforts goes to the members of the judging panel:

Ms Azumi Nishikawa, UNEP

Ms Ulli Volk, representative for the Awarded Campaign of 2016 

Mr Carlos Silva Filho, Vice-President of ISWA 

Mr Lazlo Uhri, Member of the Working Group on Communications

Mr Gerfried Habenicht, Communication Coordinator of ISWA




ISWA Communication Award 2016



This year we again had a good participation for the ISWA Communication Award: 13 candidates from 11 different countries submitted their – mostly very interesting – nominations.


The judging panel had an excellent selection of waste management communication promotions to assess in 2016 and found it difficult to determine an overall winner from those put forward. The first three were separated by only a few points.


Finally, the panel decided upon the following as the winner of the 2016 Communication Award:


"Making waste reduction hip! Second-hand items at ‘48er-Tandler’"

run by MA 48 from Austria


The jury deemed this campaign the best project because of its strengths on all fundamental elements that make communication and social marketing plans effective. The judging panel was particularly impressed by the quality of planning, in which a clear strategy with detailed and measurable goals was outlined.


“Sorpanos” by Sorpa, Iceland, made the second place, and Italy provided our third winner with Ancitel Energia e Ambiente SPA’s ambitious initiative “I don't refuse - to sort refuse! (Non mi rifiuto).


The award presentation ceremony took place during the ISWA World Congress in Novi Sad, Serbia September 2016.