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ISWA European Group

ISWA European Group


The purpose of the ISWA European Group is to serve as the principal ISWA resource and voice for the waste management sector within the EU and for the accession countries in Europe and to serve as the principal ISWA network within Europe.


The ISWA European Group is lead by a so called steering committee consisting of former ISWA Presidents. The meetings and workshops of the ISWA European Group are open to all European ISWA Members.

The Group´s main objectives are:

  • to establish a closer and a better working relationship with the EU Institutions
  • to relay information from the global ISWA perspective to European Institutions, in particular  to offer technical, economical and scientific expertise
  • to identify the need for policy and technical papers and to arrange for their production within ISWA as a means to communicate and promote ISWA with the EU and other European groups
  • to organise the communication interface between ISWA and its European members

In serving as the principal resource to ISWA in the field of EU matters, the Group conducts the following activities:

  • to strengthen working relationships with other NGOs on a European basis
  • to arrange meetings twice a year with participation from the ISWA National Members, Organisational Members and Individual Members in Europe for the exchange of information, experiences and ideas for mutual benefit
  • the European Group will organize its work and activities according to Brussels’s agenda
  • through joint efforts within ISWA identify problems and wherever possible develop recommendations on potential practices and solutions to be presented to the appropriate European Institutions.

For more information on upcoming meetings please check the ISWA event calendar or contact Alan Encinas at the ISWA General Secretariat.