Task Force on Globalisation and Waste Management (completed)

The globalisation of waste is a major concern for ISWA since it is one of the major challenges for the long-term sustainability of waste management. Recognising that Globalization creates substantial changes and brings new unprecedented challenges for Solid Waste Management, ISWA established a Task Force (TF) in September 2010. The TF aims to examine and make recommendations on a range of issues arising from the interaction between globalisation and waste management.


List of deliverables/results of the Task Force under different thematic areas

Task Force Members

Task Force Members

Björn Appelqvist,Denmark

Jeff Cooper,United Kingdom
Former ISWA and CIWM (UK) President

Costas Velis,United Kingdom
University of Leeds

Task Force Meetings & Events

Upcoming Task Force Meetings & Events

Currently there are no Upcoming Task Force Meetings & Events

Previous Task Force Meetings & Events



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Globalization, Megacities and Waste Management - paper, IG Documents
Globalization, Megacities and Waste Management - presentation, IG Documents
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