Task Force on Science (completed)

ISWA is already connected with the scientific community through its journal of Waste Management & Research which belongs to the oldest and most renowned international journals (existing since 1983) on waste management. There are also famous and well placed academics that are already working with ISWA, providing substantial scientific value and support to ISWA’s activities. In ISWA’s bid to recognize the importance of and strengthen academic participation in ISWA, a Science Task Force was created in autumn 2010.


In early 2012 the TF finalised an action plan to further utilize ISWAs strengths and opportunities within the scientific community. The proposals of the Task Force aim to create a new and more attractive framework for academic participation in ISWA, to further exploit ISWAs academic resources, and to create better conditions for the required innovative symbiosis between market and scientific developments.


To highlight the work of the TF, listed below are the proposed actions that ISWA has already implemented:


• The establishment of an ISWA Summer Science School

• A special issue of WM&R publishing the best papers of the ISWA World Congress

• Establishment of ISBN for ISWA World Congress and select ISWA Beacon Conferences

• Promotion of WM&R Editorials by providing free access and a monthly article in the ISWA newsletter

• Closer cooperation of ISWA STC & WGs with WM&R

• Strengthened cooperation with Universities/research institutes

Task Force Members

Task Force Members

Pariatamby Agamuthu,Malaysia
University of Malaya

Jens Aage Hansen,Denmark
Aalborg University

Goran Vujic,Serbia
Faculty of Technical Science

Task Force Meetings & Events

Upcoming Task Force Meetings & Events

Currently there are no Upcoming Task Force Meetings & Events

Previous Task Force Meetings & Events

3 Sep 2012 - 14 Sep 2012Vienna, Austria ISWA

1st ISWA-TU Summer School on Solid Waste Management



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