ISWA History


History: The foundation of ISWA in 1970

Prof Richard Kojetinsky, first President of ISWA (1970 - 1976)

ISWA arose from a merger of two well established International Organisations, a Solid Waste- and a Public Cleansing Association, in 1970.


 At the 4th International Congress of IRGRD, the International Research Group on Refuse Disposal, held in Basel, Switzerland, in June 1969, Prof Dr O. Yaag of Switzerland, as Congress President, declared that a merger would take place of the International Association of Public Cleansing (INTAPUC) and the International Research Group on Refuse Disposal (IRGRD).


 On 1 January 1970, both organizations have been united under a new charter and the new name of the foundation was ISWA, depicting the International Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Association.


 The first President of ISWA, Prof Richard Kojetinsky of Austria, also at the above mentioned Basel Congress in 1969, already contoured the scope and the mission of ISWA...”Then, I expressed my sincere hope that international co-operation and personal contacts would finally contribute to mutual understanding from country to country and that a positive effect upon the politics of our world would result therefrom. Now, let us continue the international collaboration in the broad field of environmental pollution control, convinced that progress will be made for the benefit of mankind. Let us continue our work, hoping that in this sense, we may contribute a little bit to the solution of the biggest problem of the general public and government, namely to, in the end, guarantee a peaceful state of mind and a healthy life for all men”.


 It can be said that ISWA has been founded on a stable basis of practical experience and academic research. It has drawn on the worldwide expertise of waste management.

ISWA Presidents 1970-2013

1970-76    R. Kojetinsky, Austria

1976-80    E. de Fraja Frangipane, Italy

1980-84    J. A. Teipel, USA

1984-88    J. Defeche, France

1988-92    J. A. Den Dulk, Netherlands

1992-96    John Skinner, USA

1996-98    Håkan Rylander, Sweden

1998-00    John Ferguson, UK

2000-02    Christoph Scharff, Austria

2002-04    Jean-Paul Leglise, France

2004-06    N.C. Vasuki, USA

2006-08    Niels Jørn Hahn, Denmark

2008-10    Atilio A. Savino, Argentina

2010-12    Jeff Cooper, UK

2012-16    David Newman, Italy

2016-        Antonis Mavropoulos, Greece