The ISWA General Secretariat

The General Secretariat

The administrative tasks of ISWA are performed by the General Secretariat (GS) under the direction of a Managing Director. The Managing Director serves as the chief executive officer of ISWA and is responsible for all planning, management, direction, co-ordination and support to all ISWA operations, committees, meetings, membership development, publications, and relations with other organisations. The ISWA General Secretariat was situated in Vienna, Austria until December 2019. Starting the 1st of January 2020, the official seat of the ISWA General Secretariat is in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Managing Director

Marc Tijhuis

Managing Director

January 2020 - present

Arne Ragossnig

Transitional Board Member

December 2019 - Present



Former ISWA Managing Directors

2017 - 2019 - Arne Ragossnig

2010 - 2017 - Hermann Koller

2007 - 2010 - W. Gregory Vogt

1998 - 2008 - Suzanne Arup Veltzé

Finance and Memberships

Mariana Tzaribacheva

Finance Manager


Jose Uribe-Echevarria

Operations Director

Chantal Mambu

Office and Finance Administrator

Georgiana Olivier

Communications Manager

Daniel Purchase

Membership and Communications Manager

Photograph Leonie Hoogland

Leonie Hoogland

Event Manager

Technical Cooperation

Aditi Ramola

Technical Director

Jennifer "Faa" MacDonald

Technical Project Manager

Alan Encinas

Technical Project Coordinator

Dienke Dijksterhuis

Technical Project Coordinator​