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14 June 2019

ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos was interviewed by DIARIO EL CORREO during his his visit to Bilbao to present the ISWA 2019 Congress to the City Council of Bilbao, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government.

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30 March 2019

ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos was interviewed by Il Messaggero journalist Mauro Evangelisti about the waste management problems in Rome. The original article appeared in the Saturday print edition of Il Messaggero.

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Read the English translation of the interview on the President's Blog.


5 October 2018

President of ISWA, Antonis Mavropoulos, responds to the Guardian's review of the BBC documentary "Drowning in Plastic" proposing five steps to turn the plastic tap off.

View the response on the Guardian.

9 October 2018

President of ISWA, Antonis Mavropoulos, spoke with Awani Review about China’s ban on waste imports, a move that has forced developed nations to rethink their attitude, methods as well as science in dealing with trash, shortly after the ISWA World Congress 2018, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

View the article on Awani Review.

25 June 2018

President of ISWA, Antonis Mavropoulos, and David Biderman, Executive Director of the Solid Waste Association of North America, wrote a joint response to “In Rotten, Teetering Towers, Garbage Is Piling Up in India” (New York Times, June 11):

View the response published on the New York Times website.

20 April 2017

ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos is invited to talk about the waste management problem in China by CGTN America - one of the world's biggest televised news networks.

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19 April 2017

Following on from the two tragic landslides that occurred recently at dumpsites in Ethiopia and Sri Lanka, ISWA's #closedumpsites initiative is reported upon and referenced in a report by Resource Magazine.

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21 March 2017

ISWA National Member representative for the United States, David Biderman, writes a letter to the Washington Post on ISWA's #closedumpsites campaign in the light of the recent dumpsite tragedy in Ethiopia. 

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13 February 2017

Another article, this time featured in D Waste Dive, focuses on ISWA's campaign to close the world's biggest dumpsites and the success of the closure of a site in Brasilia.

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08 February 2017

ISWA's Campaign to close the 50 biggest dumpsites in the world is gaining momentum and the first success story, the closure of the largest dumpsite in Latin America, is evidence of this, as reported in Recycling Magazine.

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05 December 2016

"Our throwaway culture is unsustainable, and recovery must be a priority as the Earth’s resources dwindle" says Wendell Chan in the South China Morning Post, reporting on some of the findings of ISWA's Global Waste Management Outlook.

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21 November 2016

Both the first and third place awardees of the 2016 Video Award were from Hungary and they were both recently featured on Hungarian Television. You can see the clips here:

Horváth Pál

Bodnár Gábor


11 November 2016

ISWA Vice President, Carlos Silva appears on Brazilian News Station Globo talking about the Roadmap for Closure of Dumpsites and the ISWA Declaration in Brazil.

You can watch the interview with Carlos (In Portuguese) here.


21 September 2016

Between December 2015 and June 2016, there have been more than 750 deaths globally related to poor waste management in dumpsites and associated health impacts acknowledged D-Waste Dive, reporting on ISWA's latest report, A Roadmap for the Closure of Waste Dumpsites. Approximately 40% of the world's waste and serve three to four billion people!

Read the article in full here.


06 September 2016

"Waste is a major international emergency" says David Newman in an interview with online magazine Balkan Green Energy News. In this interview ahead of ISWA's first World Congress in the SEE region, the ISWA President calls for big companies to take more responsibility in helping to solve the international waste crisis.

Read the article in full here.


02 September 2016

Last year ISWA's Task Force on Resource Management produced six ground-breaking reports focusing on the role of the circular economy in our industry.  You can read about the Task Force in detail and the discussions which took place at the event in this in-depth article in Recycling Today.

Read the article in full here.


5 April 2016

ISWA Young Professional, Vishwas Vidyaranya, writes for the Times of India arguing that Indian cities need to consider treating all waste whether or not it is separated. The article also references the Global Waste Management Outlook when highlighting the financial benefits of good waste management infrastructure. 

Read the article in full here.


21 March 2016

D Waste Dive Magazine reports on the recent Circular Economy discussions held in Washington with SWANA and ISWA. In an interview with the ISWA President, David Newman, the magazine explains the global importance of the Circular Economy Package.

Read the article in full here.


24 February 2016

Online magazine, Resource, reports on ISWA's call for businesses and governments to come together and better understand the "global waste crisis". The article quotes ISWA President, David Newman in his demand for immediate action to tackle the waste crisis.

Read the full article here.


3 December 2015

Resource, an online magazine features a report on ISWA's signing of a Climate Change Declaration. The Declaration, which was signed by 30 of ISWA's National Members, declared a commnnittment to reducing greenhouse gas emmissions. 

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28 October 2015

Recycling Magazine looks at ISWA's recent report into the world's dumpsites, recognising the point that the majority of the world's people have no access to solid waste collection and controlled waste disposal facilities at all.

You can read the full article here.


22 October 2015

Meeting Media's latest issue features an interview with ISWA's Communications Manager, Gerfried Habenicht, including a short profile of the association, focusing on the ISWA World Congresses.

You can read the full article here.


12 October 2015

"ISWA’s recent report on the world’s biggest open dumpsites makes for grim

reading, documenting both their environmental and human impacts" reports David Burrows for Recycling Waste World Magazine. But, he comments, "the report’s glimmer of hope lies in potential solutions – if the will can be found to action them." 

You can read the full article here.


28 September 2015

An article in Waste Advantage Magazine reports on one of ISWA’s latest reports “Wasted Health, The Tragic Case of Dumpsites”. The article features comments from ISWA President, David Newman and reports on the publication’s call for an alliance to solve the escalating global health emergency threat posed to millions by open dumpsites.

You can read the full article here.


18 September 2015

An article in The Guardian (UK) discussing the rising levels of waste in Africa and how Gambia’s first recycling training centre is teaching women to use rubbish as a means of economic empowerment. The article mentions the potential role of ISWA’s ground-breaking Global Waste Management (GWMO) and the important role waste management can play in the upcoming sustainable development goals currently being discussed. 

You can read the article in full here. 


23 November 2014

Portrait of ISWA Communications Manager Gerfried Habenicht, highlighting his activities for ISWA in the field of Waste Management and Climate Change, in the second biggest Austrian daily newspaper ‘Kleine Zeitung’.

The article can be found here


17 November 2014

An article by ISWA President David Newman on the ‘European Waste Prevention Week’ has been published in The Parliament Magazine. See Page 36.

You can access the magazine here


The Parliament Magazine is published once every two weeks and 2,500 copies are distributed directly to all Members of the European Parliament, senior members of the Commission and various EU institutions. Additionally, the Parliament Magazine newsletter digital magazine is distributed to 80,000 contacts including the public affairs contacts from European Public Affairs Directory, bulletin subscribers – from EU officials/Commission staff to project coordinators, university and research specialists, public affairs consultants and journalists worldwide.


06 October 2014:

The latest Waste Atlas report, a project supported by ISWA, lists 50 of the biggest dump sites of the world and is featured in the Guardian Global Development section. 

Read the article 


25 September 2014:

In an interview with the National Environment Agency of Singapore's newsletter, David Newman discusses the future of the waste industry, ISWA’s vision and the status of waste management in Asia.

Read the interview


31 January 2014:

ISWA members and officials Jeff Cooper, Carlos Silva Filho, Antonis Mavropoulos and Atilio Savino contributed articles to “handshake”, IFC’s (International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group) journal on public private partnership.

Read their interesting contributions on the topic waste and ppp here


17 December 2013:

Austria’s leading environmental magazine „Umweltschutz“ published a very positive and comprehensive report on the ‘ISWA World Congress 2013’ in its current issue, quoting some statements from President David Newman and Managing Director Hermann Koller. Read the article.


10 December 2013:

ISWA President David Newman gave an interview on the global status of waste management to a Brazilian News Agency, which has been replicated in more than 20 newspapers and internet portals which reach out to more than 2 million readers in Brazil. Below please find links to two examples and a translation of the article into English.,metade-do-mundo-nao-coleta-lixo-e-universalizar-servico-custaria-us-40-bi,1100766,0.htm


Translation into English


9 December 2013:

An article on waste and climate change by ISWA President David Newman has been published today in the Brussels-based media outlet E!Sharp:


31 October 2013:

ISWA Globalisation and Waste Management paper quoted in NATURE

The ISWA paper on Globalisation and Waste Management (2012) has been quoted in the renowned science journal NATURE (Vol. 502, 31 October 2013).

According to this article, without drastic action population growth and urbanization will outpace waste reduction… see NATURE article.

In a reaction on this article published today on NBC News, our STC Chair Antonis Mavropoulos was asked to add some more ISWA perspective. See NBC News article from 31 October 2013.


15 October 2013:

Derek Greedy, Chair of the ISWA Landfill Working Group, being interviewed in Colombia at  “Clímax Congreso” where he was a key note speaker.


02 September 2013:

Media Release: Fighting Climate Change Through Waste

ISWA President David Newman attended the CCAC’s (Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s) latest High Level Assembly of Ministers and organisational CEOs which took place on
2 September in Oslo.

Read more in the article by ISWA President David Newman.


27 August 2013:

International Media Review: ISWA quoted by The Guardian

The Guardian quotes ISWA and ISWA President David Newman in two articles on waste exports to China and the Chinese “Green Fence”-policy.


25 April 2013:

TV Report by RTV BN on BASWA's Symposium on Solid Waste Management in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina featuring interviews with Dragisa Marjanovic (President of BASWA, ISWA National Member Bosnia and Herzegovina), Goran Vujic (ISWA Board Member and President of SeSWA, ISWA National Member Serbia), Danko Fundurulja (representative of HUGO, ISWA National Member Croatia) and Alfred Holzschuster (ISWA's Finance & Member Service Manager). 


7 December 2011:

Interview with Vice President David Newman on the occasion of ISWA’s mission to the World Climate Summit COP 17 in Durban, South Africa, published in Italy's leading newspaper, “la Repubblica”, posted on their website homepage.


7 December 2011:

Portrait of Communications Manager Gerfried Habenicht on the occasion of ISWA’s mission to the World Climate Summit COP 17 in Durban, South Africa, published in the second biggest Austrian daily newspaper “Kleine Zeitung”.