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Benefits of compost and carbon on soils

Published: 2019 | Author(s): Jane Gilbert | Category: Annual Reports | Conference: ISWA World Congress 2019, Bilbao


Published: 2017 | Author(s): Costas Velis | Category: Annual Reports

How Industry 4.0 Transforms the Waste Sector: Key Messages

Published: 2019 | Author(s): Antonis Mavropoulos, et al | Category: Annual Reports

Sino-German-Cooperation on Waste to Energy

Published: 2019 | Author(s): Michael Nelles, Arne Ragossnig | Category: Annual Reports

Asia Waste Management Outlook: Summary for Decision Makersq

Published: 2017 | Author(s): Agamuthu Pariatamby | Category: Annual Reports

U.S. EPA Engagement in Reducing Emissions of Short-lived Climate Pollutants from the Municipal Solid Waste Sector in India

Published: 2017 | Author(s): Thomas Frankiewicz | Category: Annual Reports | Conference: ISWA World Congress 2017, Baltimore

ADVANCING SUSTAINABLE WASTE AND BIOMASS TO ENERGY IN CUBA. Diverting from dumpsites to Waste-to-Energy in Cuba. Policy tools and governance.

Published: 2017 | Author(s): Antonios Sakalis | Category: Annual Reports | Conference: ISWA World Congress 2017, Baltimore

The Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the Waste Management Sector

Published: 2017 | Author(s): Antonis Mavropoulos | Category: Annual Reports

Report on The Workshop for Biowaste Treatment Plant Operation in Sao Paulo

Published: 2016 | Author(s): Jiao Tang | Category: Annual Reports

Ingeo biopolymers - It’s Feedstocks and it’s Recycling & EOL options

Published: 2016 | Author(s): Erwin Vink | Category: Annual Reports | Conference: ISWA European Group Meeting, 14.11.2016 - Circular Economy: The Role of Biowaste & Plastics


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