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Summary of the State of Soils in Five Countries

Published: 2020 | Author(s): Marco Ricci-Jürgensen, Jane Gilbert, Aditi Ramola | Category: ISWA Papers

Benefits of Compost and Anaerobic Digestate when applied to Soil

Published: 2020 | Author(s): Jane Gilbert, Marco Ricci-Jürgensen, Aditi Ramola | Category: ISWA Papers

Global Assessment of Municipal Organic Waste Production and Recycling

Published: 2020 | Author(s): Marco Ricci – Jürgensen, Jane Gilbert, Aditi Ramola | Category: ISWA Papers

Climate Benefits to Dumpsite Closure: Three Case Studies

Published: 2019 | Author(s): Robert Bösiger | Category: ISWA Papers

How Industry 4.0 Transforms the Waste Sector

Published: 2019 | Author(s): Antonis Mavropoulos, et al | Category: ISWA Papers


Published: 2019 | Author(s): Martin Brocklehurst | Category: ISWA Papers

Waste sorting plants: Extracting value from waste

Published: 2017 | Author(s): David McKinnon, Jak Fazakerley, Rolph Hultermans | Category: ISWA Papers

Bottom Ash from WtE Plants: Metal Recovery and Untilisation

Published: 2015 | Author(s): Working Group Energy Recovery, Kristian Kahle, Bettina Kamuk, Jens Kallesøe, Edmund Fleck, Frans Lamers, Lars Jacobsson | Category: ISWA Papers

Biodegradable Plastics - An Overview of the Compostability of Biodegradable Plastics and its Implications for the Collection and Treatment of Organic Wastes

Published: 2015 | Author(s): Jane Gilbert, Marco Ricci, Jiao Tang, Michele Giavini, Boris Efremenko | Category: ISWA Papers

ISWA Discussion Paper on Public-Private Partnerships

Published: 2015 | Author(s): Tina Van Poelvoorde | Category: ISWA Papers


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