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 by Antonis Mavropoulos

Antonis Mavropoulos discusses the latest trends and changes in waste and resource management and more

27 Jun 2017 Guest Blog: Kadi Kenk on Cleaning the World in a Day

Kadi Kenk is Head of Partnerships for Let’s Do It!, a civic-led mass movement that began in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people united together to clean up the entire country in just five hours. Since then, Let’s Do It! has spread...

22 Jun 2017 President's Blog: Three lessons and 42,500 euros from NVRD

On Thursday May 18th, ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos was invited to Maastricht, Netherlands to participate in the annual conference of ISWA's strongest National Members and was delivered with an incredible surprise at the...

13 Jun 2017 Guest Blog | New Data Highlights the Waste Situation in Asia: A Guest Blog from Prof. Agamuthu Pariatamby

Prof. Agamuthu is a Senior Professor at the University of Malaya (UM) and is the President of the Malaysian Society of Waste Management and Environment. He is also the editor in chief of ISWA's academic Journal - Waste Management...

6 Jun 2017 Human Ingenuity Wrecks the Oceans – Can It Save Them Too?

As thousands of experts convene to New York to discuss the solutions required, ISWA will also present its new global initiative on Marine Litter.


There may be no silver bullet, but the urgent problem requires a rethink, not...

28 May 2017 President's Blog | A Guest Post from Timothy Bouldry

Timothy Bouldry is the Coordinator of the ISWA Scholarship Programme. Timothy has been working with young, informal workers on some of the most dangerous places on earth.

15 May 2017 President’s Blog: A Guest Post from Fernando Leite

Dr Fernando Leite is Vice President of ISWA's National Member in Portugal, APESB. APESB is the Portuguese Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, a non-governmental organization, founded in 1980, is the national...

9 May 2017 President's Blog | Guest Entry from the Argentine Ministry of Environment

Luis Lehmann has written a guest blog on behalf of our National Member in Argentina. Luis is the National Director of Integrated Waste Management within the Argentine Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.


In the...

21 Mar 2017 An Open Letter from ISWA President, Antonis Mavropoulos

On March 11th, 113 people were killed from a massive landslide in Koshe, Addis Ababa’s dumpsite. More than 80 are still missing. The landslide levelled more than 30 makeshift homes of informal recyclers living inside the Koshe...

7 Mar 2017 Guest Blog: ISWA Biowaste Working Group Chair, Marco Ricci

This issue of the ISWA President's Blog has been penned by Marco Ricci, Chair of ISWA's Working Group on the Biological Treatment of Waste.


Enjoy reading his post!

16 Feb 2017 Guest Blog: ISWA Vice President, Carlos Silva Filho

This issue of the ISWA President's Blog has been penned by our partner in Brazil, Carlos Silva Filho. Carlos, based in the megacity of Sao Paulo, is ISWA's National Member Representative in Brazil and CEO of ABRELPE, and also...