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24 Aug 2017 10:19 Age: 2 yrs

President's Blog; ISWA’s global family and friends meet in Baltimore!

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The upcoming ISWA – SWANA World Congress in Baltimore (September 25-28) will be one of the most fascinating events ISWA has ever made. It’s not only that our events bring solid waste sector professionals from around the globe together to energise, inspire and develop their potential. It’s not only that coming to Baltimore you will have the chance to meet the top scientists and professionals in waste and resource management, as well as some of the biggest and the most innovative companies in the world.

It’s mainly about the coming together of the ISWA World Congress and SWANA’s key annual event, the top-event in waste management in USA, WASTECON, merging the national with the international and creating a unique mega-event. Over the past six months, the technical team at SWANA, alongside ISWA’s working groups, have been curating a very exciting and unique programme with more than 100 sessions where you will be able to get a first-hand experience on some of the most challenging issues for the waste management sector. I am very much looking forward to lots of surprising and inspiring content from the congress.


Each ISWA congress offers a unique flavour from the co-organising National Member and this event in the USA promises something distinctively American with the social event taking place in the spectacular Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I’m looking forward to seeing the ISWA family in their favourite sports jerseys! And don’t forget to come along to the ISWA’s Statue of Liberty themed booth to meet the rest of the team.


But also, allow me to inform you just a little bit about what ISWA will present in this exciting conference. 


1. We will present ISWA’s report on Marine Litter, a ground-breaking approach that will demonstrate the positive contribution of integrated sustainable waste management in Marine Litter prevention.


2. ISWA will present the outcomes of our global survey, with more than 1,000 responses, regarding the 4th industrial revolution and the future of the waste industry. We will also present the next steps for the industry’s roadmap towards the 4th Industrial Revolution.  


3. Last not least, we will present the first tangible results from our on-going initiative to close the dumpsites of the world, the next steps and the strategic aspects. We are sure that this will inspire more people and companies to participate and contribute.


So, enjoy the congress, I look forward to seeing many familiar faces and to making new friends.