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10 Jan 2017 12:23 Age: 3 yrs

ISWA’s 2017 Annual Congress

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I am sure that many of you are already aware that ISWA & SWANA 2017 World Congress will be held in Baltimore, on September 25-27. I am also sure that most of you will utilize the Early Bird options, which is already open. 


But, what I would like you to consider is that if you join ISWA & SWANA 2017 World Congress, then you will be able to get a first hand experience on some of the most challenging issues for the waste management sector. I am sure that our SWANA colleagues prepare a lot of surprises and inspiring content, so allow me to inform you just about what ISWA will present in this great conference. 


In Baltimore, ISWA will present three emblematic projects that will create a lot of interesting discussions and, I am sure, will inspire the participants. 


1. We will present ISWA’s report on Marine Litter, a groundbreaking approach that will demonstrate the positive contribution of integrated sustainable waste management in Marine Litter prevention. ISWA’s work will highlight the important role of the waste management industry in Marine Litter abatement and it will boost the discussion in another way: finding ways to deal with Marine Litter is a good but end-of-pipe solution, delivering integrated waste management systems is what we call “waste prevention”. Of course, it is not a coincidence that this report will be presented in Baltimore with the famous Water Wheel where there is a lot of on-going debate about the proper solutions for Marine Litter. 


2. ISWA will present the outcomes of our on-going global survey regarding the 4th industrial revolution and the future of the waste industry (in case you have not participated yet you can do it now here). Already we have several hundreds answers and the results demonstrate that there is a need for discussing in a deeper way the on-going transformation of the waste industry. In Baltimore we will announce the survey results as well as the next steps for the industry’s roadmap towards the 4th Industrial Revolution. Do not miss the relevant session!


3. Last but not least, ISWA will present the results from the campaign to close the biggest dumpsites of the world. Soon, there will be much more news about it, but the overall picture and the first tangible results will be presented in Baltimore. 


For more, CU in Baltimore!


Antonis Mavropoulos 

ISWA President