Klarwin, Romania

Klarwin® is one of the most dynamic and ambitious Eastern European companies operating in the particular field of process engineering, highly skilled and reputed business partner, providing an impressive range of customized solutions for fluid filtration, separation and purification, across many industries like food & beverages, pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, chemical, petrochemical, aeronautical and probably the best competence in municipal domestic waste landfill environmental protection technology.


Fluid Perfection® is the promise that drives Klarwin®. This promise is sustained and nurtured by the company’s strong engineering capability to design and implement the best solutions for industrial processes optimization and by deploying state of the art technologies provided by worldwide leaders which are represented by Klarwin® on regional markets.


With a commitment to excellence, knowledge, long term partnership with both clients and suppliers, diligence and integrity of relationship, Klarwin® is definitely more than a team of top engineers who think, design and implement solutions. Klarwin® is a win-win-win business proposition: for the benefit of business customers, for the best representation of the elite technology suppliers in the field, and ultimately for the company's development.


For more information please contact:



Process Engineering SRL Eufrosin Poteca no 26, district 2

021764 Bucharest



Tel.: +40 21 313 547 3

Fax: +40 21 315 726 4