AEB Amsterdam, Netherlands

AEB Amsterdam (AEB) converts 99% of the 1.4 million tons of municipal and industrial waste that is being delivered annually, into sustainable energy and raw materials.


AEB has almost 400 employees and is operating a Waste to Energy Plant and a Waste Fired Power Plant. With these plants, AEB is the world’s largest waste-to-energy company on one single location. The design of the high efficiency Waste Fired Power Plant is partly based on our own technological innovations. Thanks to these innovations the energetic efficiency of the plant is over 30%, the highest in the world of waste to energy conversion. This high efficiency delivers a huge added value to the goals of the City of Amsterdam to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% in 2025.


For AEB waste is a source of energy. We produce 1 million MWh of electricity annually, enough to service 320.000 households. Also a lot of heat is generated: up to 600.000 gigajoule a year. This heat is used for district heating: hot water and central heating of Amsterdam households.


For AEB incinerated waste is also a source of raw materials. First we extract valuable metals such as iron, copper and aluminium. The remaining matter is used as filling material in the construction of roads. And products are also extracted from the flue gas. These are used in the asphalt industry. Addionally, gypsum is extracted and can be put to use in de construction industry.


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