Amsa S.p.A., Italy

Amsa S.p.A. delivers street cleaning and waste management services to the city of Milan and 10 surrounding municipalities. Amsa, with more than 3.000 employees, serve a population of over 2 million people every day (1.500.000 inhabitants and 800.000 commuters).


The company, that has been providing environmental services to the city of Milan for over 100 years (waste collection and cleansing services), is now part of A2A Group, the multiutility company leader in Italy in waste management services (3 million tons of waste treated per year), and active in production, sale and distribution of electricity and gas, district heating and management of integrated water cycle.


Waste collection is performed “door to door” using the most innovative technology: plastic, aluminium, paper, cardboard, glass and organic waste are subject to separate collection, that reached about 42% in 2013. Services are performed with over 1.200 vehicles, 29% running on CNG.


Amsa, adopting the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 regulations, has developed an “Integrated Waste Collection and Disposal System” to recycle the greatest possible portion of material (glass, bulky waste and road sweepings treatment plants) and to produce electricity and heat through non-recyclable material incineration in Silla2 plant.


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Amsa S.p.A. – Gruppo A2A

Via Olgettina, 25

20132 MILANO



Tel.: +39 02 27298234

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