City of Vienna, Austria

Municipal department 48 ("MA 48") - waste management, street cleaning and vehicle fleet - is part of the environmental division of the City of Vienna administration. With about 3,500 employees MA 48 is responsible for waste prevention, waste collection (residual waste & recyclables) and waste treatment (sorting, composting, fermentation, landfilling, etc.). In total, more than 1 Mio. tons of waste are collected by MA 48 per year. In addition, MA 48 is in charge of street-cleaning and winter-service in Vienna. MA 48 runs a modern integrated management system (IMS) comprising quality, environmental, energy, industrial safety, risk and compliance management.


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Magistratsabteilung 48

Abfallwirtschaft, Stra├čenreinigung und Fuhrpark

Einsiedlergasse 2

1050 Vienna


Phone +43 1 58817 0

Fax +43 1 58817 99480037

email: post(at)