CNIM, France

The CNIM Group designs and produces turnkey industrial solutions with high technological content. It offers unique research and expertise services: Besides Mechanical Products and Systems with high technological content for defence, nuclear, industry and life sciences, CNIM is active in the fields of energy (thermal and solar) and environment.


CNIM Environment, the waste management and biomass division of CNIM designs and builds integrated treatment plants for municipal and similar waste including waste-to-energy plants, sorting and composting facilities. Its reference list shows 160 plants worldwide among which 6 are currently under construction. CNIM environment also provides maintenance services and operates waste treatment plants. In terms of biomass-fired power plant, CNIM Environment built 109 plants 3 of them being currently under construction.


LAB, a 100% subsidiary of CNIM, is dedicated to flue gas cleaning treatment systems for waste-to-energy plants, power or urban heating stations and industrial boilers.


The CNIM Group targets technological excellence in each of its activities by means of controlling all of the technologies and high level industrial resources, and through its ability to launch innovative products.


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