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EGF – Environmental Global Facilities, is an European reference company in the environmental sector and a leader in the treatment and recovery of waste in Portugal.


EGF is a company responsible for guaranteeing the treatment and recovery of waste within a framework of environmental and economical sustainability and contributing towards raising the quality of life and the environment.


The management of waste treatment and recovery systems is carried out by 11 concessionary companies created in partnership with the Municipalities. These companies process around 3.2 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) a year, serving about 60% of the Portuguese population living in 174 Municipalities.


Playing a structural role in supporting the creation and definition of environmental policies for a sustainable management of waste, EGF has as its priority to contribute to the compliance with national and community strategies and goals for the sector, especially the reduction in the disposal of biodegradable waste in landfills and an increase in the selective collection of packaging and biodegradable urban waste.


Also worthy of note is energy recovery from waste by means of thermal processes, namely incineration that produces energy in the form of steam. Bottom ashes resulting from the combustion process are also treated and recovered, and may be reused in building construction and landscape restoring of quarries and mines.


In the field of organic recovery of biodegradable waste, EGF uses innovative technology to maximise the harnessing of energy from the biogas produced by the decomposition of waste and to produce compound that can be used as fertiliser in agriculture. Besides resulting in lengthening the useful life of the landfills, the organic recovery of waste also contributes for a reduction of greenhouse gas emission and the promotion of the use of endogenous energy resources.


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