ISVAG, Belgium

ISVAG was set up as an inter-municipal company in 1975 for a 30-year period. At the beginning of 2005, the partners decided to extend their cooperation until the end of 2023. ISVAG was founded originally by the local authorities of Antwerp, Mortsel, Boom, Puurs, Niel and Hemiksen. At the end of 2005, the inter-municipal company IGEAN joined as a partner, which means that the ISVAG partners handles the household refuse of more than one million people. The options for sustainable waste management increased when IGEAN joined this partnership. Furthermore, this created a stronger platform, in social (waste management that is better for the environment and people), economic (investment) and in technological terms (research and development).


Our Waste-to-Energy plant in Wilrijk started its operations in 1980. Substantial, continuous investments have kept the facility up-to-date. Our company is always seeking the best available techniques for processing the waste in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Our investments are to protect the environment in the future. Or would it be better to say "the future of the environment"?


These efforts deliver a "clean" result. Today, ISVAG has the best available technology for treating waste in a sustainable, environmentally-sound way, and our furnaces meet the most stringent Flemish standards and European directives.


Combustion is only a part of our operations. It leads to the recovery of valuable, renewable energy. In 1995, ISVAG signed an agreement with Electrabel for the construction and operation of an energy recovery facility. We provide enough electricity for more than 25 000 households all year round.


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