ISWA Member KDM Empresas

KDM Empresas, Chile

KDM Empresas is a leader group of companies in the field of environmental services, with special emphasis on innovation, committed to protect the environment, the quality of life of the people and the sustainable growth. It is formed by the union of Urbaser (Spain) and The Danner Company (USA).


KDM Empresas is currently comprised by four companies: Starco-Demarco, KDM Tratamiento, KDM Energía and KDM Industrial. Their service represents a virtuous circle coming from collection of household and industrial waste, sorting, recovery, treatment, final disposal in landfills up to non-conventional renewable energy generation.


The affiliate companies of KDM Empresas provide the following services:

• Collection of municipal and commercial waste

• Drop-off points operation

• Municipal and commercial cleaning

• Landfills’ design, construction and operation

• Biogas extraction and renewable energy generation

• Integral industrial waste management

• Environmental education and training.


Currently, the group of companies has a total workforce close to 4.000 employees, considering executives, professionals, technicians, drivers, loaders and auxiliaries. The annual sales of the group reach approximately USD 150 MM.


For further information, please visit KDM Empresas' website: