ISWA Member Keppel Seghers

Keppel Seghers, Belgium

Keppel Seghers, the Waste-to-Energy arm of Keppel Infrastructure - a division of Keppel Corporation Limited, a leading company listed on the Singapore Exchange - is a leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions, including alternative energy, ranging from consultancy, design and engineering, technology and construction to operation and maintenance of facilities.


Keppel Seghers maintains a worldwide presence, and is mainly active in Europe, America and Asia. Keppel Seghers operates abroad either directly or by means of technology transfers or technical collaboration agreements. Its partners are all established companies that lead the market in their respective territories.


To date, Keppel Seghers owns and operates two Waste-to-Energy facilities and has executed more than 100 waste-to-energy projects in more than 15 countries worldwide. It has acquired a wealth of practical, hands-on experience and know-how, and this is reflected in all new designs and solutions.

To find out more about Keppel Seghers' solutions, please contact:


Tel:+32 3 880 77 00
Fax: +32 3 880 77 49
Email: Info_belgium(at)