KSZGYSZ - Association of Environmental Enterprises, Hungary

KSZGYSZ - The Association of Environmental Enterprises is a non-profit organisation, a professional business federation of the environmental industry founded in 1992.


The association’s 270 members cover all sectors of the environmental industry, like water, waste, soil remediation, clean air and noise management.


KSZGYSZ develops the Environmental Professional Information System (XIR) which provides detailed data on the Hungarian environmental industry and operates working groups to create common positions on Hungarian environmental draft legislation.


Annually, the Association publishes the Environmental Yearbook (both in Hungarian and in English). The Association organises ÖKOINDUSTRIA 2013 – the 3rd International Environmental Industry, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Exhibition (Budapest, 25-27 September, 2013) and other professional local and international conferences and business meetings.


The KEXPORT Cluster actively supports the export activities of the members managed by the Association.


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