Reclay Holding GmbH

Reclay Holding GmbH, Germany

The RECLAY GROUP is your international service provider for all questions related to packaging and waste disposal management.  We develop collection systems for retail and transport packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), used batteries and expired medication. We also trade in valuable recycled materials nationally and internationally.


The owner-managed Reclay Group advises industry and retail, as well as governments and NGOs on developing recycling strategies and on how to achieve their environmental and recycling goals. With our offering, we help to close material cycles and provide the industry with important secondary resources.


Reclay Group is headquartered in Germany with locations in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United States with a total of 230 employees. Its consulting experience follows a global approach and extends across all continents. Reclay Group is proud to count over 3,000 companies, organisations and governments around the world among its clients.


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Adrian Vannahme

Reclay Holding GmbH
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Phone: +49 30 2064668