SANITEK s.a.r.l., Lebanon

SANITEK s.a.r.l., founded in September 2010, is a multinational company headquartered in Beirut – Lebanon with representative offices in Erbil, KRG and with strategic alliances in Asia, Europe, and the United States. See website for further introduction.

SANITEK is committed to providing its clients with a diverse portfolio of high quality professional services and products. SANITEK’s strategy is to differentiate its products and services by providing turn-key solutions in accordance with international standards in the areas of resource allocation planning, end-to-end infrastructure design and implementation, 24/7 disaster recovery and business continuity, as well as operational maintenance & support. SANITEK’s core business is waste management where it has gained more than six years of experience in the field of municipal solid wastes, hazardous materials or medical wastes, and biological wastes.


Our services range from Waste Treatment Facility Construction and Operation, Construction and Management of Sanitary Landfills, Composting, Street Cleaning and Clearing, Emergency Response, on-call Services, Winter Maintenance, Pest Control, Execution of environmental awareness campaigns etc.


SANITEK works closely with its clients to successfully deliver their needs and preferences. SANITEK s.a.r.l.’s diverse portfolio has positioned the firm as the most environmentally alert in the fields of pest control and waste management.


For further information please contact:


SANITEK s.a.r.l.

Jal El Dib Highway

Mid Town Center, 8th floor

Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961 4 716 894