S.C. Supercom S.A.


Established in 1990, among the first private companies in Romania, S.C. SUPERCOM-S.A. has 27 branches opened in Bucharest, Dambovita and Ilfov Counties and is employing more than 2,000 employees who perform activities such as integrated sanitation services for the public domain, including winter services, collection/transportation of MSW, operation of transfer-, collection-, storage centers and related services (disinfection, disinfestation, pest control).


In total, over 400,000 tons of MSW are collected by SUPERCOM annually. Beneficiaries are local communities totaling over 1 million inhabitants in an area of ​​over 10,000 km²., most notably Bucharest - Sector 2 (since 1999) and Dambovita County (since 2010). Dambovita is the first county in Romania that has implemented an integrated MSW waste management system.


SUPERCOM’s profile is complemented by its own Program of research, development and innovation in waste management and environmental protection: "A Clean Environment - Green Energy from Waste", involving a strong R & D & I department.



For more information please contact:


Str. Gherghitei no. 23C, sector 2

022512 - BUCHAREST



Phone: + 40 21 240 26 86

Fax: + 40 21 240 23 33

E-Mail: secretariat(at)