SURECA, Belgium

SURECA stands for Sustainable Reusable Carriers. Carriers refers to different kinds of load carriers like pallets, boxes, drums, crates,…


The SURECA group currently consists of different companies active in pooling and renting of reusable load carriers in variety of supply chains like Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals,…


The SURECA group and its group companies are growing fast, not only in numbers but also in services and activities. Below you can see (picture) the activities SURECA wants to further expand in. All activities are somehow connected to the core activity of pooling and renting. Pooling is what drives the REUSE of the load carriers involved. The result is that SURECA is able to REDUCE the impact the use of these load carriers on the environment through an efficient management of these load carriers. An efficient management means less trucks (and miles) to deliver and collect the load carriers, less load carriers needed and manufactured, less waste at the end of life of the load carriers and less costs for the users (customers).


SURECA also invests in R&D to make the load carriers themselves already more efficient through smart designs. Also a new material (MATERIAL X) has been developed as an alternative for the more traditional packaging materials (wood, plastic, metal) that exist today. This new material can be made of a variety of WASTE…available in all regions across the globe…this is one of the reasons why SURECA decided to become not just an ISWA member, but a PLATINUM member!


For more information about Material X: sylvain.naets(at)


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