Vinci Environnement

VINCI Environnement, France

VINCI Environnement, France, provides its clients with expertise accumulated over 50 years in the waste treatment, flue gas treatment and water treatment sectors.


Part of the VINCI Group — the world leader in construction and concessions — VINCI Environment UK, designs unique solutions based on a variety of in-house process technologies to ensure an appropriate response to any specific problem brought to its attention.


Whether dealing with residual solid waste; food and green waste; biomass, commercial or hazardous industrial waste, the technologies developed by VINCI Environnement for Waste to Energy, Anaerobic Digestion and In Vessel Composting, combined with the processes for Flue Gas Treatment, Odour Control and Water treatment are among the most accomplished and effective on the market.


The in-house processes of VINCI Environnement and its savoir-faire in complex project management, allows them to deliver both traditional and technically advanced waste and water treatment plants that measure up to highest expectations. Both customer service through dedication, professionalism and attention to detail and eenvironnent protection are core values of the entreprise.


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