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DAKOFA/ISWA Waste and Climate Beacon Conference

Climate change is a problem waste management is part of the solution


Waste management is part of the solution – that was the conclusion!!


It is now time to follow up on the conclusions from the first DAKOFA/ISWA Conference on Waste & Climate 2009 held in connection to the COP15 in Copenhagen. The overall conclusion of the conference in 2009 was: Waste management is part of the solution and plays an important role in the effort to reduce climate change. As an integrated part of the overall material flow through the economy, waste management has a tremendous potential for contributing to mitigating climate change, as also emphasised in the communication from European Commission on “A resource efficient Europe – Flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 Strategy”. Intelligent waste management can avoid up to 1.3 tons of CO2 eq. per capita.


The conference is dedicated to these issues with the goal of delivering a clear message from leading scientists and industries in the field of waste management. There is an urgent need to form a common understanding of and solution to these complicated issues and to prove the high efficiency when mitigating climate change by proper waste management.


The conference aims at establishing a mutual platform within the international waste sector, in order to bring forward messages to UN COP 18 in Qatar.


The Waste and Climate Beacon Conference will be held 19-20 April 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Register now!


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