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Hazardous Waste Seminar and Workshop

First meeting to improve networks, communication, information and training on hazardous waste management in the Asia and Pacific region.


There has been much advancement in regulation and technology in many countries around the world, however there still remains an acute shortage of skilled personnel in most stages of the hazardous waste management cycle, particularly in emerging economies.

This situation calls for a stronger emphasis on training resources and facilities by all concerned with hazardous waste management.


The International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and its partners have joined with the Asia Pacific Regional Development Network of ISWA the Training Advisory and Promotion (TAP) centre based in Singapore to launch a project to update the Training Resource Pack for hazardous waste management in developing economies (TRP).  A successful earlier version of the TRP was first developed in 2002 by the Hazardous Waste Working Group of ISWA and UNEP. Part of the present event in Singapore will involve a focus group to work on the upgrade of this document to better meet current needs.


The 1-day seminar will set the scene to explore the current problems and needs for hazardous waste management in the Asia Pacific Region and to start to build a network of leading experts in this region to better address key issues affecting the appropriate management of hazardous waste.  


The subsequent 2-day workshop will bring together leading waste managers and stakeholders to recommend a revised structure and contents of an updated TRP and build a broader stakeholder base for its application.  A preliminary working model of the new TRP can be seen on


Registration to attend this event is necessary. Please register per email by March 31st.
International participants:

rwilliams(at), phone +43 1 2536001, fax +43 1 253600199


Local participants:
sylviaong(at), phone +65 6222 5328, fax +65 6222-5848




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