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International Solid Waste Management Summit 2019

Following comprehensive development of environmental governance in China in the last years, solid waste treatment has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. The maket will likely maintain a sustainable growth during the next five years, as the goverment  requirements are further developed. 


The International Solid Waste Summit, organized by ACI Events, will be held in Shanghai on June 12 to 14, 2019 bringing together waste management professionals and enterprise managers to highlight opportunities in this "new sector", to promote international exchange of solid waste treatment technology, innovation, equipment operation and Management.


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Event Highlights

Unparalleled networking opportunities: The summit will have more than 26+ speakers and 300+ participants. Meet experts and corporation high level management and decision makers.


Pick up operational best practice: Top tips on using new technique to boost project construction, improve disposal efficiency, energy output and resource discovery. Real-life cases sharing.


Tap into future growth markets: Learn about the latest policies and market trend. Identify opportunities for growth in the solid markets within the next five years.


Private VIP communication: The organizing committee will help to arrange one to one communication opportunity and also invite the specific companies you will like to meet with.


Join the on-site visiting: Explore the high-quality solid waste projects in China.


Event Focus

  • Policies and regulation Interpretation
  • Collection and pre-treatment of MSW
  • Green incineration and emission control
  • Informatization management of WtE industry
  • Flue gas, flying ash and slag treatment
  • Investment and operation of WtE projects
  • Management of organic & agroforestry waste
  • Municipal sludge disposal
  • Comprehensive treatment of industrial waste
  • Collection-storage-transportation system for HW
  • Safety incineration & landfill of HW
  • Cement kiln co-processing of HW
  • Disposal of heavy metal salt hazardous waste
  • Detection and testing of soil
  • Landfill remediation
  • Analysis on investment and Financing


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