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ISWA Beacon Conference: 3rd International Conference on Final Sinks

We are pleased to announce the 3rd International Conference on Final Sinks, which will be held on August 23-26, 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan. The Conference is jointly organized by the National Taiwan University, Vienna University of Technology, and International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).

Final sinks have become a critical issue for sustainable material use. The linear throughputs of materials are depleting resources and are a stress on available sinks. For sustainable materials management, we need a broader understanding and new solutions for the production, management and disposal of harmful and non-recyclable material. Extending the scope from the 1st and 2nd Final Sink Conferences, this meeting will go beyond landfilling and address wider topics. Both theoretical analyses as well as case studies focusing on the sink issue in the widest sense are welcome.

The Conference is intended for companies with extended producer responsibilities, designers of sustainable products, waste management and recycling companies, administrators in the fields of waste management, landfilling and environmental protection, consultants in the fields of waste and environmental management, experts from academia and research & development institutions, and others. 

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting and inspiring conference in Taipei!

Sincerely Yours,

Hwong-Wen Ma, Chair - Organizing Committee of ICFS 2015


Paul H. Brunner, Co-chair - Organizing Committee of ICFS 2015


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