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ISWA Beacon Conference on Waste-to-Energy

Welcome to Malmö, Sweden for the 8th ISWA Beacon Conference on Waste-to-Energy!


There is much in the pipeline both in terms of policy and technology, e.g.:


What will be the outcome of BREF Waste Incineration? - Come and listen to what the Euopean IPPC Bureau has to say on this matter.


How will the revision of BREF WI affect operators and suppliers?


Is it possible to meet more stringent emission levels by upgrading older plants?


Will waste-to-energy have a role in the fashionable ’urban mining’?


What about gasification – what is going on in Japan?


Come and listen to news on EU-ETS, Green certificates and the biogenic content in waste! Is there really a difference between biogenic CO2 and fossil CO2?


Come and get all the answers and a chance to meet the industry, suppliers and the authorities and legislators.


Register today!


Registration to both the conference and to the technical visit is possible via the conference website.


Please note there is only a limited number of attendees for the technical visit. So be sure you register early.

New items in the programme:

  • Practical operational experience from fossil CO2 determination – the BIOMA method
    Christian Riber, Ramboll
  • What is the difference between biogenic and fossil CO2
    Thomas Astrup, Technical University of Denmark

Click here for full programme.


For more information, please visit the conference website.


I hope to see you all in Malmö!


Best regards

Jakob Sahlén,
Advisor on Waste-to-Energy

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