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ISWA Study Tour On Sorting Plants

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The ISWA Study Tour on Sorting Plants will take place on 11-13 May to examine new developments in the processing of waste in order to extract value from it.


The tour covers the initial recovery of materials for recycling as well as several London plants which both sort residual waste to extract more recyclable materials and also process waste into refuse derived fuel, both for use in the UK and for export to other European countries.


In addition we will see a new bottle to bottle recycling plant that sorts all types of plastic bottles but takes the clear PET bottles and HDPE milk bottles to reprocess these into plastic flakes that are then sold to plastic container manufacturers to produce new bottles and containers.


The newest plant that we will be able to visit – construction will be finalised just before th estudy tour visit – will take in bulky refuse to extract the maximum amount of valuable materials and to process the remainder for fuel. The plants we will see sort and process a wide variety of waste streams, including: household, commercial, industrial, demolition and construction wastes.


We have arranged for you to stay in a very vibrant part of the capital, London’s South Bank, close to the River Thames, many entertainment facilities and a wide choice of restaurants, some of which are included in the accommodation package. The hotel  also has the benefit of close proximity to the first venues for the first two days of the study tour.    


We hope you can join us for what promises to be an instructive and informative tour of cutting-edge facilities with many opportunities for professional dialogue with plant managers, colleagues on the study tour and study tour leaders. 


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