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ISWA Study Tour Waste-to-Energy: June 19 - 25, 2016

Austria - Czech Republic - Hungary

After 6 successful Waste-To-Energy Study Tours with more than 130 participants from all 5 continents - we are pleased to offer the 7th ISWA Study Tour Waste-to-Energy, June 19 - 25, 2016.


The technical tour combines site visits to 11 different plants and facilities in operation in Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary with topical seminars.


You will see and learn about the most remarkable technologies and installations for Waste-to-Energy based on BAT, Best Available Technology, in Europe. This practical seminar on sustainable waste management focuses on advanced resource and energy efficiency, recovery, treatment, and safe intermediate storage of wastes, which allows for diversion of all organic waste exceeding 5 % TOC from landfill.



There are 3 pillars of individual benefits and professional education offered within this unique practice seminar:

- Quality seminar taught by senior experts in waste management, environmental policy and engineering


- Visits to waste treatment facilities representing Best Available Techniques including discussion with operators and reputable engineering and policy experts


- Discussions with environmental experts on control and public acceptance of waste treatment plants (typical "LULU" projects  - locally unwanted land use and "NIMBY" - not in my backyard)


For technical information see "White Book Waste-to-Energy in Austria"


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