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ISWA-SWIS Winter School 2020

on Sustainable Waste Management including Landfill & Landfill Mining

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Students as well as waste professionals are welcome!
At the joint ISWA and SWIS (Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability) Winter School at the University of Texas at Arlington, together with the cities of Irving, Garland, and Grand Prairie Texas, USA, the participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on the potential and challenges of sustainable waste management, including landfill and landfill mining.

The best aspect of the Winter School is the blend of training styles. The in-class, theory-based training and hands-on, operational training are perfectly balanced - with one week dedicated to each.

Themes covered include:
·     Landfill siting, design and construction, and Operation
·     Landfill leachate and gas management and utilization (LFGTE)
·     Sustainable waste management (including recycling, composting and waste to energy)
·     Waste Economics including waste business development.

Specialty areas such as perpetual or sustainable landfill, landfill design and operation and the landfill mining including feasibility, preliminary investigation, operation and management of landfill mining, and impact of landfill mining of sustainable waste management system will be extensively covered. Selected project case studies will be presented and discussed to enhance learning experience.

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The Winter School competition results are out on SWIS Facebook page:  




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