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ISWA-WMRAS-NEA Seminar on Waste-to-Energy 2015


In its 2nd run after a successful launch in 2014, the ISWA-WMRAS-NEA Seminar on Waste-to-Energy is a unique programme that combines the technical and policy expertise of senior experts from Europe and Singapore with extensive waste-to-energy (WTE) projects development and implementation experience.

Course Objectives

The training programme is structured to cover the technical, economic and environmental aspects of developing WTE facilities. This includes studying the characteristics of high performance energy efficient plants, learning the best available techniques for plant operations and visiting state-of-the-art WTE facilities. Participants will also gain a better appreciation of environmental policies conducive for WTE developments, viable business models for WTE projects as well as insights into market opportunities for waste management projects in Asia.

Who Should Attend

The seminar is designed for waste management professionals, engineers, technical experts, research experts and business development professionals seeking to address waste management challenges in the context of fast growing cities in Asia.


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