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Webinar | Quantifying the Benefits to Soil of Applying Quality Compost

This webinar will focus on the fourth report ISWA's Soil Project: Quantifying the Benefits to Soil of Applying Quality Compost.


It will give a global perspective on quantifying the benefits to soil of applying quality compost. This report sets out estimates of both the carbon and plant macro-nutrient values of applying compost to soil.


The webinar will take place on August 5th from 3-4 PM CEST, for more information and to register please go to the Quantifying the Benefits to Soil of Applying Quality Compost



  • Marco Ricci-Jürgensen
    Chair of the ISWA Working Group on Biological Treatment of Waste, managing Altereko sas consulting, senior Expert at CIC - Italian Composting and Biogas Association.
  • Jane Gilbert
    Jane Gilbert has been involved in the organics recycling sector for over twenty years. She is the former chief executive of the UK Composting Association, co-founder of the European Compost Network and vice chair of the ISWA’s Biological Treatment Working Group

Soils Project

ISWA's Soils Project aims at ‘quantifying the benefit of organic matter in compost and digestate when applied to soils’ and taking a lead in providing robust evidence base to link waste management and soil enhancement/improvement.


The reports are supported via a series of webinars which each cover one of the Soils Project reports. You can find more information here: Soils Project

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