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TRP+ Expert Working Workshop

This workshop is one of the components of the TRP+ project, which is part of the program of work of ISWA’s Working Group on Hazardous Waste. UNIDO and UNEP are partners of this project. The venue for this event is provided by the UNEP/IETC office in Osaka, Japan.


The three-day workshop gathers together a small group of experts within the expert network established through the previous global TRP+ events to work on a selected number of chapters of the TRP+. Each participating expert first chose a few sub-chapters for which he/she becomes the Chapter Lead. They then prepare the new content or change proposals to the selected sub-chapters before the workshop. At the workshop, each Chapter Lead presents his/her work on the sub-chapters to the other experts. Through intensive discussion, conclusions are made as to what more is to add or change to the orginal proposal. By the end of the discussion, there is agreed content to be delivered as the first reviewed draft of these sub-chapters, which are to be then uploaded by the Chapter Leads to the TRP+ online Forum for a second round wider audience review and comments.


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