2nd 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management

Call for Abstracts

The 2nd 3R International Conference (3RINCs) which will be held in Daejeon, Republic of Korea from 21st to 23rd May, 2015. The 1st conference was held in Kyoto, 2014 with about 150 presentations and 400 attendees from 28 countries. The second conference will be hosted by Korean Society of Waste Management (KSWM, ISWA National Member) and supported by Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM), Society for Solid Waste of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (SSW-CSES) and other international and domestic institutions as co-organizers. ISWA President David Newman will attend in and deliver a keynote speech.


3RINCs covers various subjects and themes in the waste management field including 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling) challenges, waste characterization and management, waste-to-energy, biomass utilization, E-waste recycling and management, ELV (end-of-life vehicle) recycling, construction and demolition wastes, disaster wastes, life cycle analysis, waste management policies, and so on. 


All experts including engineers, scholars, students, policy makers are invited and welcomed by the organizers. Papers presented at the conference may be reviewed for possible publication in the Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management. More information for the event such as abstract submissions and registrations is available on the website.



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