Spring School - How to Design Solutions for Solid Waste Management


SPRING SCHOOl   –  a method and tools for low and middle-income countries

ISWA is pleased to support Istituto Cattaneo in Bologna, Italy, and ISWA experts Dr Simonetta Tunesi, of Strategic Environmental Consulting, Italy, and Professor Jeremy Gorelick (Financial Analysis), USA, in the launch of their brand new one week intensive training course, specifically designed for policy-makers and city administrators in low and middle-income countries, from 21 - 26 May 2018.

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Why the Spring School?

SWM is a complicated problem, as policy-makers and practitioners know all too well. In low and middle-income countries it cannot be solved by adopting solutions that worked in high income, highly industrialised countries.


So, how does a long-lasting solution begin? First of all, the solution must be carefully designed, avoiding the sense of emergency to dominate policy actions. The goal is to produce SWM planning documents that can guide policy actions for several years.


Participants at this Spring School will be provided with a Solid Waste Management design method and will familiarize with tools necessary to:

  • build a comprehensive vision of the existing, non-effective reality;
  • define critical elements and waste treatment bottle-necks;
  • formulate alternative solutions and compare them in terms of social and environmental impacts, cost and financial sustainability;
  • approve a SWM National Strategy or a SWM City Plan that provides an action path.


Who is the Spring School for?

The Spring School is specifically designed for actors in the waste sector operating in low and middle-income countries, in particular:

  • Policy makers;
  • National and City administrators and technical personnel;
  • Technical personnel from Environment and Health Agencies;
  • SWM planners and designers: engineers; environmental scientists; chemist; geologist; urban planners.
  • Ph. D. students and Post-graduate researchers.

 For interested particpants, the school can be extended for two further working days for techinical site visits to:

- equipment providers: vehicles; containers
- waste treatment plants: sorting recyclables plants.


A Certificate of Attendance will be provided by Istituto Cattaneo and ISWA to all those who complete the end of training test.


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Programme Application Procedure & registration

Applicants to the Spring School are requested to submit an Application Form, fully completed and signed. Each application will be taken into consideration by the Scientific Coordinator. Applicants who are accepted will receive confirmation by e-mail and will be requested to pay the Registration Cost by 30 April 2018.

Instructions for payment will be sent therein.


If more than one person is applying from the same organization, each applicant is requested to submit an individual Application Form, which will be considered individually.


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For application and organisation questions:
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