International Solid Waste Association Names the Next Managing Director

The new Managing Director will lead the Association starting January 2020 in the new location of the ISWA General Secretariat in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2 Aug 2019 -

Vienna, Austria - International Solid Waste Association is pleased to announce that Mr Marc Tijhuis will be stepping in as the next ISWA Managing Director after the relocation of the Association to Rotterdam concludes at the end of this year. 


Based in the Netherlands, Mr Tijhuis will initially work part-time alongside current interim Managing Director, Arne Ragossnig, starting his office on the 19th of August. The position will then be transferred to full-time from January 2020 at ISWA’s new headquarters in Rotterdam.


ISWA announced its search for the new Managing Director in January 2019, which proved to be an intense process initially attracting almost 90 applications, which then resulted in 20 interviews that led to the top 4 candidates selected by the Evaluation Committee.


The final round was very challenging and the final decision difficult because all of the candidates had excellent qualifications and the Evaluation Committee had to combine the different background, experiences, perspectives and impressions in order to submit its recommendation to the Board,” commented Carlos Silva Filho, ISWA Vice President, who took on the role of the Chair of ISWA MD Evaluation Committee.


The Board unanimously agreed that Mr Marc Tijhuis meets and exceeds all of the required criteria.


Mr Tijhuis comes with a rich combined experience in managing international profit and non-profit organizations across development aid, health, pharmacy and food sectors, and boasts an impressive track record in reorganization and restructuring of internal and external processes. In his latest role as the Executive Director at HealthNet TPO he implemented a new management structure and systems, and proposed a revenue model overhaul, which led to a successful relaunch of the brand.


Working alongside current ISWA Managing Director, Arne Ragossnig, Marc is already utilizing his strong analytical and strategic skills and actively participates in all procedures and long-term decision making.  


After the decision of the Committee was announced, I started to work closely with Marc to bring him up to speed with the opportunities and challenges ISWA is currently facing,” added Arne Ragossnig. “With this new energy and promising ideas, ISWA’s future in the Netherlands is looking bright. We hope that ISWA Family will welcome Marc and work with him closely to bring ISWA’s vision of a cleaner planet to reality”.


Mr Marc Tijhuis will be attending the ISWA World Congress 2019 in Bilbao, Spain, 7 – 9 October, where he will be officially introduced to the ISWA General Assembly and the international network of ISWA Members.






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